don’t mind the gap, master it

master the gap® strengthens parties in their negotiations, emotional intelligence & advocacy and brings them together through mediation.

We have one goal: bridging the gap between parties. By always keeping in mind the business and the human side, we do not only optimize the result, we also come to better decisions that leave all parties satisfied, with lasting appreciation for each other.

master the gap® offers training, business consultancy and coaching in negotiation, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence & advocacy.


Do you want to get more out of a negotiation, adapt your approach & next steps more consciously and at the same time build a long lasting working relationship?

master the gap® strengthens you in your negotiation, persuasion & conflict resolution skills, with attention to both the strategic and the psychological/communication aspects.

We can moreover assist you with:

  • Training in negotiation, persuasion & advocacy

  • Coaching in negotiation, persuasion & conflict resolution

  • Consultancy & strategic preparation of negotiations

  • Negotiating business & sector agreements


Do you no longer see a way to resolve a business conflict? Is there no more dialogue and do legal proceedings seem to be the only solution left?

master the gap® helps you as an independent and neutral mediator to relaunch the communication, break through an impasse and come to a tailor-made solution.

We can moreover assist you with:

  • Mediating in business conflicts
    (e.g. in contract disputes or other business conflicts)

  • Guiding negotiations between different stakeholders as a neutral third party
    (e.g. when stakeholders negotiate new laws, regulations or sector agreements)

Emotional Intelligence

Do you want to improve how you impact others in a business setting, unlock your potential and boost your management performance & effectiveness?

master the gap® shows you how by increasing your self awareness & self management, you can improve your social awareness & relationship management.

We can moreover assist you with:

  • Training in emotional intelligence
  • Coaching in emotional intelligence, leadership & conflict management
  • Consultancy with respect to your leadership style & impact
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Ellen Onkelinx has many years of experience in negotiating, mediating and public affairs. She started her career as a lawyer with the Brussels-based law firm ALTIUS and was the Chief Executive of the trade association of Flemish film and television producers (VOFTP) for more than 10 years. She negotiated with governments, broadcasters, cable distributors, banks, trade associations etc. Ellen Onkelinx is an accredited mediator in civil and business conflicts and an accredited emotional intelligence & leadership coach. In 2017 she founded master the gap®.

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