there’s a solution to every problem

master the gap® strengthens parties in their negotiations, emotional intelligence & advocacy and brings them together through mediation.

We stand for constructively moving beyond conflict and we believe in the power and benefit of opposition. The combination of our expertise, insights and empathy makes us achieve results that are fully endorsed by all parties involved.

There’s a solution to every problem. By paying attention to both the business and the human aspect, by mastering the gap between the head & the heart, we increase our impact and come to better decisions everyone can continue to support, with lasting appreciation for each other.

master the gap® offers training, business consultancy and coaching in negotiation, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence & advocacy.

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Ellen Onkelinx has many years of experience in negotiating, mediating & coaching:

  • As an accredited mediator in civil and business conflicts, she knows how to reduce a conflict to its essence. She helps parties to move beyond the conflict and the negative emotions so they can redirect their point-of-view towards the future.

  • During her 10 years as Chief Executive of the trade association of Flemish film and television producers VOFTP, she negotiated joint positions, sector agreements, financing mechanisms and new legislation with the government, her members and other stakeholders.

  • For the film financing company SCOPE INVEST, as the Head of Legal & Business Affairs, she brought together production companies and private investors wanting to invest in films through the Belgian tax shelter scheme.

  • As a lawyer in the law firm ALTIUS, she assisted clients in negotiations and court proceedings, especially in the areas of copyright, media and entertainment law & general contract law.

  • In her capacity of CEO and founder of master the gap® she negotiates for clients, represents their interests and strengthens individuals and teams in their negotiation, leadership & advocacy skills and mediates in business conflicts.

Ellen Onkelinx studied law at University College London (UCL), the K.U. Leuven (KUL) and the University of Barcelona (UB). She obtained a master in business management at the European Media Business School and a degree in mediation and negotiation at bMediation, Harvard Law School and the German Erich Pommer Institute. She was accredited as an emotional intelligence & leadership coach by GolemanEI (Daniel Goleman).

More detailed information about the professional background of Ellen Onkelinx can be found here.

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